Book conservation for beginners: 2

Learn how to repair cloth case volumes and ’perfect’ bindings. Identify and repair different book structures such as hollow and tight backed books and how to pare and tone leather for book repair.

This is an introductory course covering the basic structure of paper-, cloth- and leather-bound books. Conservation terminology and principles will be explained and applied to the repair of individual items.

The course will cover the initial assessment and repair of a bound text: the cleaning and repair of paper, sewing of text-blocks, mending and attachment of boards and the re-backing of cased volumes and repair of perfect bindings.
The paring and staining of leather will also be covered.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Undertake paper repairs
  • Remove old spines from books
  • Repair paperback books
  • Re-back cloth-covered books
  • Pare and stain leather

More courses

Book conservation and repair: leather-bound books

Book conservation and repair: leather-bound books

Learn paper repair including toning, lining and infilling, and the repair and conservation of tight and hollow-backed full, half or quarter leather-bindings. Ideal if you have some bookbinding experience.