Book conservation and repair: leather-bound books

This is a structured course covering the repair and conservation of leather bound books. Attention will be paid to the maintenance of historical detail, with emphasis being placed on conservation principles.

The course covers the assessment, repair and conservation of a ‘tight-back’ and a ‘hollow-back’, leather bound book.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

– Re-back one tight-backed and/or one hollow-backed binding
– Undertake paper repairs
– Remove old spines
– Pare leather accurately
– Dye leather
– Cover a book with leather confidently


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Book conservation for beginners: 1

Book conservation for beginners: 1

Understand the structure, collating and pulling of a book. Practise paper cleaning and repair. Learn how to re-sew a text-block, mend damaged corners and re-hinge boards.